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Our Story

Our Story

Redeemer San Angelo launched its first public gathering August 15, 2021.

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The story of how we were born and have grown emphasizes the uniqueness of every church and celebrates the power and wisdom of The Holy Spirit to build and strengthen His Church globally.

Ryan and Kindall Owens began their church planting story in 2018 when Ryan began full time ministry training specifically focused on planting and establishing new churches. In the Spring of 2020, Ryan and Kindall committed to God’s vision for Redeemer, inviting Kelsie Collins to join them from their sending church in Abilene. After 9 years serving at Journey Bible Church in San Angelo, Brian and Kirstie Carroll joined the Owens’ to plant and establish Redeemer. By the end of that year, they began gathering with a small group of friends and family in San Angelo. From the very beginning of their story, Redeemer has sought to be a multiplying church family learning and living in the good news of Jesus together in San Angelo. 

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In the Summer of 2021, we experienced a significant transition when Journey Bible Church voted to unite with Redeemer into one body. The church began gathering at the Journey's old building, transitioning their Sunday mornings and monthly prayer nights to this new location. Since that time, we have been blessed by God to grow in our core values of Praying throughout all of life, Celebrating and remembering God’s goodness and faithfulness, and Going to one another and the city with the good news about Jesus.

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Redeemer is committed to the integration of all people at all stages of life in relationships with other Christians as we live and grow in and among the people in our city. This integrated, relational philosophy of ministry has led us to launch Redeemer Groups, where anyone who is interested can grow in knowing and being known by Jesus, the church, and people in our city. It has also led us to establish Equipping Classes that are aimed towards fulfilling the call to prepare church members as they do the work of ministry in their everyday lives.

Sunday Worship Gatherings are Sundays, 10am

Redeemer Groups meet weekly

Equipping Classes meet seasonally

Prayer and Worship Nights are 1st Wednesdays, 6pm

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In the Fall of 2023, Redeemer was able to install 4 new elders.



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